Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hey Big Spender! Smondrowski & Kauffman Expense Reports Withheld. $15K for Smondrowski Spent on ???

Right here in Montgomery County we have elected officials that are running for re-election that will not release the public documents that show how they have personally been spending public school education dollars.

Did they go to lunch? dinner? take a trip? or buy a gift with MCPS operating budget funds?

We will never know because the Montgomery County Board of Education is refusing to release expense reports for Rebecca Smondrowski and Phil Kauffman.

We asked for:
  • expense reports
  • reimbursement checks
  • expense logs
  • credit card bills/statements
for the following MCPS staff and Board of Education members for the period January 1, 2016, to August 31, 2016.

Larry Bowers
Andrew Zuckerman
Philip Kauffman
Rebecca Smondrowski

We did not get back one single document in response to our request!  

Yet, we know that during that time period covered in the public reports linked in this response letter Rebecca Smondrowski spent over $15,000 of MPCS Operating Budget funds on personal expenses.  

We have no way of knowing what that money was spent on specifically, but we can tell you that Ms. Smondrowski is the big spender when it comes to charging taxpayers for local travel.  In the reports shown, Ms. Smondrowski charged almost $9,000 to taxpayers for her "local travel."  

Phil Kauffman is not far behind Ms. Smondrowski in his spending, but since no one in Montgomery County cares about how public school education dollars are spent, there is no point in adding up his totals.

Links to the Reports mentioned in Mr. Turner's non-responsive response to our Maryland Public Information Act request.


  1. Smondrowski loves to spend other people's money... especially taxpayer money. She (and her husband, Ken) have a long history of running up big bills to support their lavish lifestyle, then NOT paying their bills and stiffing their creditors. A search for "Kenneth" and/or "Rebecca" "Smondrowski" in Maryland Case Files turns up numerous liens and civil litigation and foreclosures for lack of payment. See for yourself at:

    If she can't... scratch that... won't even pay her own bills, how can she be responsible for a $2.5B MCPS budget? Tuesday is your chance to tell Smondrowski that she can't use Montgomery County Taxpayers as her personal ATM machine.


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