Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hogan appoints new member to State Board of Education


  1. So Hogan campaigns on an anti-Common Core platform, appoints two Common Core cheerleaders (Finn & Smarick, only one of whom - Finn - was ever even an actual teacher) to the MD Board of Education, and now a..."business owner and social scientist" with zero experience in education?

    And they ask me why I quit public school teaching. *sigh* I'm just glad I got out BEFORE this mess.

  2. The articulate politicians
    Are in sync with our officials
    Preaching what we want to hear
    While they advance to the rear.

  3. Why did MCPS appoint someone to the principalship who has plea to a DUI? Am I the only one who knows about this or is concerned?

    1. He was hoping that he would be Somber.

    2. MCPS makes appointment recommendations. Key administrative staff appointments then require Board of Education approval.

      Two BOE incumbents (Kauffman & Smondrowski) currently are up for re-election.


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