Tuesday, November 15, 2016

MCPS says attending a protest demonstration can be an excused absence

MCPS Releases Statement on Student Demonstrations 


“Students who were absent from classes as part of [Monday’s] demonstration will be marked as unexcused; parents may send in a note to reverse the unexcused absence."


  1. This was absolutely reprehensible on the part of the adults involved. It smacks of one sided indoctrination and in flaming the minds of children not even old enough to vote yet.

    Regardless of that, there were hundreds of students who were allowed to leave campus en mass, these children were allowed to be put at physical risk for SIX MILES as they ultimately travelled up 193ntomwheaton and down 97 to Silver Spring.

    There are only 2 choices here. Either the adults involved allowed this to happen and condoned very unsafe behavior for the goal of furthering a teacher fuled protest during the workday (and to my knowledge, not oermitted), or the adults involved cannot even maintain a basic supervision of students.

    Are these kids going to now walk out and March e be Ryan time something happens that the teachers don't approve of? Are we educating children or creating little democrat advocates without any alternative thinking?

    This was not a March. It's no longer the 60s and the administration's of Montgomery County need to take much more responsibility for safety and equal opportunity education than this.

    It's for these reasons that I call for the termination of all teachers involved in this sheep herding, and the resignation of principal Renay Johnson and all administrators of Blair High school. This was far too flagrant a behavior to justify under any semblance of educational value.

    I am truly disgusted at what was allowed to happen and the promotion of hatred for Mr Trump and the Republican party simply because the schools are controlled with an iron fist by Apple Ballot democrats.

    1. the man leading the march was not a teacher
      he was an outsider who showed up and led the students down university blvd.

    2. Him being an outsider just makes it worse. 500 kids under the guidance of a total stranger?

    3. The Pied Piper?

  2. So there WAS an adult leading this whole thing, and now it seems that the teachers and administrators simply ceded control of 500 children to someone off the street? ONE adult, leading 500 "upset" children in protest? (One generally doesn't protest if they are happy).

    It should be noted that good policy dictates that there be as close to a 1 to 1 ratio of staff tomstuent for off campus activities. Was that supervision requirement met? How many teachers were there, or did they all just tell their students to "have fun protesting Mr Trump for us"?

    And now there has been a second "March" of the Youth Corps from Richard Montgomery HS and they hurt an innocent bystander, a 15 year old child. What's the excuse now? Students may have the right to assemble, but the MCPS handbook clearly states that it stays on campus. After that MCPS has no jurisdiction and it becomes a riot.

    It is no longer just an issue with one school. It is now a county wide problem, and I call on the BOE and superintendent to condemn the wildcat marches being fostered, condoned,mencouraged and incited by these bolshevik "teachers", and for said teachers to be disciplined.

    1. it wasn't a teacher

    2. was it a tutor?

    3. So they allowed a total stranger from off the street to be in charge? Further endangering by here children? Renay Johnson needs to be fired for not enforcing the MCPS handbook

    4. The teachers and admins are the ones responsible for the well being of students during the school day. Having someone else do the work doesn't absolve the teachers and admins of their responsibility.


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