Saturday, November 26, 2016

Revised MCPS Regulation Would Allow Elementary Students To Have Cell Phones in School

From the Department of Unenforceable Rules:

The prohibition against private cell networks is to ensure students use the MCPS filtering that prevents students from accessing certain websites. Filtering is not available on the private cell networks. Therefore, students would be required to use the school system’s network for internet access, according to the revised regulation.


  1. Is MCPS trying to justify it's wireless system?
    Children will not follow this rule on only using the school radiation Wi-Fi. They also will not stay away from porn and gaming and texting...
    What insanity.
    I am reading that the American Academy of Pediatrics says children should use cell phones only when necessary.. Is MCPS's new policy necessary?

    1. Children become the sacrificial lambs on the altar of profit and greed.


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