Monday, February 13, 2017

@Mocoboe Spends $24,678 in One Month Fighting Families of Special Needs Kids

Special Education Legal Expenses

Special education legal fees for outside counsel for November 2016 totaled $24,678.
The Jeffrey A. Krew bill totaled $21,196 and the Carney Kelehan bill totaled $3,482.
The year-to-date total of $62,973 is $14,054 (18.3 percent) less than the same period
in the previous year.


  1. It is a subtle admission by MCPS that they have been legally bullying parents of special ed children, who have been strongly advocating for their children. Why don't they publicly admit to the shameful process?

  2. Because they are too afraid to be called out in public for bullying the needless of their constituent charges. All of their strong arming OF ANYONE in Montgomery County has gone unchecked, née UNPUNISHED, for far too long


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