Sunday, March 19, 2017

Reminder: Students who raped classmate were allowed back at school

Gazette: Students who raped classmate were allowed back at school: Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland


  1. "Judge Steven G. Salant ordered all three to be on electronic home monitoring along with other requirements such as completing sex offender treatment and, for the two boys who have not graduated, attending school." and the 14-year old victim's family moved her to relatives in Nevada to attend school (Gazette, Oct 2009, along with a reference to Judge Durke "two to tango" Thomas, )


  3. This 2010 bill rectified the gap, which must have come from the now incorrect assumption that prison time would prevent having a rape victim daily face violators

    1. Confirming that it takes legislation to get MCPS to do the right thing by public school students. MCPS and the Apple Ballot elected Board of Education do not do the right thing on their own.


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