Friday, April 28, 2017

Dozens of Checks Were Missing from MCCPTA Records in Reported Embezzlement

Dozens of Checks Were Missing from MCCPTA Records in Reported Embezzlement: PTA organization faced net loss of about ,000


  1. "Montgomery County Police are investigating possible embezzlement,though no one has been charged." My Dear Watson, contact the bank and get the transaction records.

    1. From documents in the "News & Releases" section of MCCPTA's home page (

      On April 10, 2017, Paul Geller filed an initial report with the Montgomery County Police Department.... MCCPTA's audit team provided financial records and their findings to the Montgomery County Police Department Financial Crimes unit on April 21, 2017.... The MCPD Financial Crimes Unit's investigation into the theft from MCCPTA's account is ongoing.

      Any developments concerning what happened to the missing money?

    2. BTW, ask MCPD what happens to the stolen GPS devices that they retrieve.

    3. Who are you asking to ask? If you have information to share, feel free, but there is no staff to answer random questions.

    4. I am referring to this article:

    5. My stolen GPS was retrieved, but borrowed indefinitely by Bethesda's finest.


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