Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hogan to Board of Education: Focus on ensuring students are safe in schools

The following letter from Governor Hogan to the Montgomery County Board of Education was posted today on Twitter by Board of Education staff.


  1. Got to hand it to the Governor for enacting common sense.

  2. The content of Governor Hogan's letter shows his true ignorance regarding the use of "professional days." Four of those "nine" days that are identified are used by teachers to prepare end of marking period reports, which have increasingly become much more burdensome due to required quarterly assessments in high schools and the elementary standards based report card. I guess teachers should use those professional days in the summer to complete report cards for the year . . . Such a total lack of respect for what teachers do. Now that being said, the BOE's treatment of teachers is not much better, so his argument that the BOE is bowing to teacher unions again show his ignorance. Obviously schools are for daycare, as it is such an inconvenience for parents to have to "alter their schedules and find childcare" when school is not in session. And we wonder why education does not attract the best and brightest.

    1. Three great reasons for becoming a teacher: June, July, August.

    2. A majority of teachers would probably support year-round school, as the antiquated agrarian system developed in the early 1900's all school systems currently follow is not conducive to learning. But, because families want their summers (have to go to OC, hun!) and to be able to send their children to summer camps that last 6+ weeks (the non-tax payer subsidized daycare for those who can afford it), and it costs tax payers lots of money to keep buses running and schools operating all year, it is not going to happen.

      Education is not a priority in this county despite what politicians ramble on about. If it was, we would not have a governor using executive powers to dictate how long summer vacation for school aged students has to be. Something that teachers have not control over.

    3. That would be very noble, but I doubt if they would do it without the 25% raise.

    4. Teachers get three work days that actually affect families (the day after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters). There is one day at the end of the school year for grading and classroom breakdown. The five days before are for set up and training. Those six days are part of a students' summer vacation. Sad that teachers are now going to lose grading days. No wonder the teacher retention rate is so bad then people turn around and complain about having too many long-term subs teaching their kids.



    5. Anonymous 11:40: that doesn't compute. Half of June is still classroom time, and after the students leave for the summer there's the matter of finishing out report cards and finishing classroom closeout (and no matter how much teachers have students do, there is still several days' more work to do after school is "over."). And now that PD must take place before or after the school year (which as a parent and a former substitute who made good money on PD days during the school year once upon a time), that shortens August considerably. This leaves less than half of June and about half of August for teachers to cram in required coursework for keeping their certification current AND making a paycheck for the months for which they are not paid. So no, those 3 months are NOT the best reasons to become teachers.

      And Anonymous 2:25, if you want another 25% of the year from teachers, be prepared to pay them accordingly.

  3. You go Gov. Hogan! You've got my vote.


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