Tuesday, April 18, 2017

URGENT – Today is Last Chance to Comment on the New MCPS Wellness Regulation

All public input on the new MCPS Wellness Regulation, which regulates Food and Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Physical Education and Activity and Communications with Parents on these topics in MCPS will be downloaded on April 19thIt is URGENT that if you haven’t yet, you submit comments today.
To do so, go to:
and at minimum, we recommend that you submit these top two priority recommendations that RFKM is working on. Under “Food and Nutrition Services” copy and paste these two suggestions:
The combination of all foods and beverages (including meals and a la carte snacks) served or sold to any child in MCPS during any breakfast or lunch period should contain no more than 10% of calories from added sugar.
All beverages sold in vending machines in MCPS at all hours should be compliant with MCPS’ wellness policy for drinks sold during the school day.
Feel free to add your own additional thoughts in this and other areas as well! RFKM has also provided a more extensive list of recommendations for changes to the Wellness Regulation for your use.  

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