Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Video Casey Anderson Did Not Want You to See: Planning Board Invites BOE to Lunch

The Buffet taxpayers provided for this meeting.
Today the Montgomery County Planning Board invited the Board of Education to lunch.  The two public bodies met in the Planning Board's public meeting auditorium.  However, the Planning Chair, Casey Anderson, did not turn on the cameras in the room so the public was not able to observe this meeting.

The Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County, MD, however, recorded the meeting and we are making the discussion of these two public bodies available to the public.

The public, after all, pays the salaries and stipends for everyone shown in this video, paid for the building where the two public bodies are meeting, and paid for the food they consumed.

Don't miss the discussions among the participants about the public's distrust of the planning process, transparency, and how much better the two public bodies are getting along. 


2015 Planning Board did videotape the dinner meeting with the Board of Education

2013 No video of dinner meeting

2011 Citizen records audio of Planning Board and BOE dinner meeting


  1. If you turn your phone sideways you can get a full screen video.

  2. Thanks, Casey, but if you just turned on the taxpayer paid for cameras and live streamed and taped the meeting, volunteer citizens would not have to use their phones to view the meeting we are entitled to view! This room is fully equipped with taxpayer paid for microphones, cameras, computers, etc... all so that the public can view, listen and participate in their local government. We paid for all that, and then you do not use it because? What did you say about being more transparent?


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