Monday, May 15, 2017

Exclusive: County Parks that Lost Funding to Pay for the Replacement Blair HS Artificial Turf

The artificial turf football field at Blair High School in Silver Spring failed.  The Blair football field is on M-NCPPC (Montgomery Parks) property. 

The artificial turf surface at Blair High School failed while under warranty from FieldTurf.

But, Montgomery County Parks did not replace the field under the warranty.  Instead, they bought a new field from a different company. 

Where did Montgomery County Parks get the $725,117 from to pay for this new artificial turf football field?

Everyone must already know the answer to this question because we live in award winning, transparent Montgomery County, right? 

For those that do not already know how this replacement plastic field on top of stone was funded, here is the list of Montgomery County Park projects that were deemed "not politically sensitive" and the funding for these projects was deferred by Montgomery County Parks to pay for the new Blair High School plastic football field. 

Was there any public notice or opportunity to comment for these communities?

Infield renovations at South Germantown and Ridge Road, Germantown

Fencing replacement at Sundown Road Local Park fields 1 and 2, Laytonsville
and Johnsons Local Park, Gaithersburg

6 rectangular field renovations (unknown locations)

Ridge Road Recreational Park:  Bleacher and access improvement construction, Germantown

Northwest Branch Recreational Park - irrigation, Aspen Hill

Thanks to all those "not politically sensitive" communities, Blair High School has a brand new plastic football field!  You are welcome to use it anytime!  That is, anytime you pay the rental fee.

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