Tuesday, May 2, 2017

White + male + upcounty = Our next SMOB The Student Member of the Board choices need to be more diverse

The achievement gap, bring your own device policies, the quality of school lunches and who has the best stickers are just some of the issues middle and high school students across Montgomery County consider as they log into their computers to cast their votes. They are voting for who will represent them when it comes to important school board decisions: the Student Member of the Board of Education, or SMOB. Unfortunately, for many students it is difficult to relate to either of their options.

Although Montgomery County has an array of students from different backgrounds, the majority of the SMOB candidates all come from the same one. There needs to be more diversity among SMOB candidates to have different and more diverse issues raised and to better represent the county's array of different people...



  1. Perhaps the SMOG can address that issue.

    1. Why would they? The new SMOB has open wifi as his top priority. He wants students to be able to use social media while in school. Apparently, he is unaware that the actual purpose of public school is to provide a free public education for all. It is not about spending the day on social media with friends.

  2. It is the SMOB mentality
    That the social equality
    With wifi as top priority
    Will soon become reality.


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