Saturday, June 10, 2017

Exclusive Breaking News: Jury Finds MCPS Teacher Guilty of Sexual Abuse of Children [No Statement from Board of Ed., State's Attorney and No Media Coverage. The MCPS Cover Up Continues].

Date: June 10, 2017 at 12:00:05 PM EDT
Dear Cloverly Community,
I am writing to provide an update on the court proceedings for Mr. John Vigna. The Montgomery County State’s Attorney's Office has informed me that at approximately 1:00 a.m.this morning, a jury has found him guilty on multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor and third degree sex offense. As I have previously shared, Mr. Vigna was immediately placed on administrative leave in February 2016 after allegations were reported.
Dr. Melissa Brunson
Principal, Cloverly E.S.


  1. Most likely, the MD legislature will be 'burning the midnight oil' coming up with more ambiguous and dubious language to insert into the law.

  2. Case Search Notices (Is this just a coincidence?)
    Scheduled Outage - Friday, June 9, 2017 at 4 pm until Monday, June 12 at 6 am

    1. John McCarthy, the Montgomery County State's Attorney knows the jury verdict.

    2. Perhaps it is not considered a 'high profile' case to warrant such attention.

    3. Correct. Sexual abuse of Montgomery County children is not important. PG and DC? Yes, those children are valued and these crimes get reported. Montgomery County, however, does not honor or respect their children. That must be part of the definition of being "progressive."

    4. The professor has a very busy schedule:

    5. I like to believe that the 'decision makers'
      honor and respect their very own,
      otherwise there are no words to describe them.

  3. "... at approximately 1:00 a.m. this morning, a jury..." It sounds like it was sequestered.

    1. The point of sequestration is to keep jurors from watching the news and reading media reports of trials. There was NO danger of that happening in this case since there was absolutely no media coverage of this trial or this verdict. There has been no discussion of this case and no reporting on this case. This is Montgomery County and the local press is very selective in what they cover. If this case were in PG or DC, the reporters would have been there when the jury returned their verdict. Montgomery County? Zero coverage of this trial or verdict.

    2. A conspiracy of silence, hidden in plain sight.

    3. This was not a sequestered jury. The court and case were open to the public for all to watch injustice play out before their eyes.

      The actual conspiracy here was to pick the perfect sacrificial lamb to satisfy the injustices that Montgomery County had been accused of for so long. True cases which caused real trauma to victims.

      All of the alleged offenses in this case had been enormously and purposefully blown out of proportion (with sentences to match) and perhaps even to confuse folks just like yourselves. The severity of the charges were laid upon the defendent regardless of the fact they were not in fact the alleged victims actual allegations. I didn't even realize this was legal? Is this community aware of that? It's a horror to read these charges, only to be topped by the inflammatory imaginations of those reading them but not knowing the details.

      No witnesses, no evidence, each incident in the open and full classroom of 23+ students, and often with a second adult in attendance, in the light of day...and yet no one noticed public molestations play out?

      'So many details hidden in plain sight' --indeed-- of a political storm that has placed Vigna in the eye of it. How better to satisfy justly disturbed parents than to hang a man who was too decent to believe he could do such things. Teacher, coach for both the handicapped and the skilled, a lector at church, a lively member of the boosters club, teacher of the year ... oh and yes, a perverted pedophile? Or perhaps just the perfect victim, to twist through a perverted lens.The timing just right to generate the perfect storm through which MoCo can seek forgiveness for their sins.

      Parents, teachers, and particularly children don't gather round the perverse. Their instincts move them to keep their distance. Yet scores of supporters from all of these factions filled a courtroom and a lobby for days and sent hundreds of letters of support. Could one fool so many for 24 years.

      When we get so hungry for justice that we don't care who it is we sacrifice to satisfy it, we have lost all touch with our most basic inherent quality of decency and humanity.

      Dare I say anyone who knew the entirety of this story through ALL sides of it and/or Mr Vigna himself, knows the truth of this matter upon their heart.

      A travesty of mass proportions has been served to a dedicated teacher unwilling to plea to charges he didn't commit, and to a community rightfully hungry for justice.

    4. Anonymous June 26 at 9:20 AM.

      No one is confused. The Parents' Coalition has the audio transcript of the trial, so you can stop trying to mislead the public as to what actually went on in the trial. Real victims, real testimony under oath, with real facts and real witnesses.

      You are completely wrong about the incidents. They were not all in full classrooms with a second adult in attendance. Absolutely, 100% WRONG!

      There WERE WITNESSES WHO REPORTED WHAT THEY SAW and were horrified by what they saw! They reported what they saw to the PRINCIPAL.

      No one was fooled for 24 years!!!!!!!!! There were LETTERS OF REPRIMAND in his file since 2008!

      The principal INTENTIONALLY moved his classroom from a portable to the interior of the school building near the front office.

      Mr. Vigna actually did admit that he would NOT STOP putting students on his lap, even after told to stop. His sworn testimony is that the would rather not teach at all if he had to stop putting students on his lap.

      The travesty that multiple letters of reprimand were allowed to pile up in his personnel file while the Maryland State Board of Education SPECIFICALLY directed MCPS to clean up their act and stop allowing teachers with reprimands back into classrooms.

      Here is some catching up for you to do:

    5. "The actual conspiracy..." I am curious to know the identity of the conspirators.

  4. MCPS truly seems to be wanting to win the downward spiral award for lack of accountability.

  5. Whoever is anonymous and writing crap on here has not read or seen anything. Most likely you are a molester yourself, perhaps a friend of vigna? The transcripts prove what he has done. And no it wasn't a secret to the school, only to the public. The school and this involved kept the secret. Please do your research before you spout your garbage. These are children that have been forever affected by this animal. Become educated before you speak.

  6. Also anonymous, there were 72 letters of support,get your facts straight


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