Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2013: Joshua Starr & Others CC on Letter About "Lap Sitting" in John Vigna's Classroom. Did the Mandated Reporters Report?

In Maryland, educators are Mandated Reporters of child abuse.  On Sunday, The Washington Post released a 2013 letter (The Washington Post: He was warned about getting too close to students. But this Maryland teacher was allowed to stay in the classroomthat showed who in MCPS knew about teacher John Vigna's practice of "lap sitting" with female students in his classroom.  The image above shows the names of the then MCPS administrators who were copied on the 2013 letter to Mr. Vigna. 

Who Are Mandated ReportersMandated reporters play an integral role in the protection of children and are often child friendly professionals such as health practitioners, police officers, educators, and human service workers. If you are a mandated reporter you will often be the first to see signs of abuse and neglect. If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected, you have a duty to report it.

Which one of these mandated reporters called Child Protective Services or Montgomery County Police to report the ongoing practice of "lap sitting" in Mr. Vigna's classroom?  Did any of them call?  

Names as shown on the 2013 letter to John Vigna with their positions at that time.  * Shows administrators who are no longer with MCPS.

Joshua Starr*, Superintendent
Larry Bowers,* Chief Operating Officer
Beth Schiavino-Narvaez*, MCPS Deputy Superintendent of School Support and Improvement
Brian Edwards*, Chief Communications Officer
Carole Goodman*, Associate Superintendent, MCPS Office for Human Resources and Development
Unknown Smith
Unknown Alban
Ann L. Bauman*, MCPS Performance Evaluation and Compliance Unit
Melissa Brunson, Principal Cloverly Elementary
Stan Damas*, MCPS Director of Association Relations, (Represent District in negotiations with three employee associations)
Unknown Martinez
Travis Wiebe, Wood Acres Elementary School, Assistant Principal (2013) now at Wyngate Elementary.


  1. 2 things...

    I find it very interesting and concerning that many of the names on this list of CC recipients are now gone from MCPS a mere 4 years later. Retirements, move-ons, and what have you, but as a percentage, ythis is a high number of ranking officials to be gone in a 4 year span.

    That being said, even though Mr Vigna was ultimately disciplined in the maximum way possible, isnt his personnel file supposed to be confidential, as in no item removed for public display without a court's authorization? Where did the 2013 statement from Mr Vigna originate?

    1. Confidential? This was a public trial on criminal charges. These documents were submitted into evidence. If Mr. Vigna wanted his file to be confidential he would have heeded the warnings years ago. You do understand that a criminal proceeding supersedes an employment agreement?


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