Wednesday, September 6, 2017

$15K raise given to Montgomery Co. Public Schools’ superintendent

...Dan McHugh, of Concerned Taxpayers of Montgomery County, criticized the salary increase, calling it an example of “out-of-control spending” by county elected officials.
The school’s budget, McHugh said, represents half of Montgomery County’s total budget, and that money ought to be spent in other areas, such as teacher salaries and reducing class size.
“We need smaller classroom sizes, not giving raises to the top-level employees and administrators. That doesn’t fix any of the real problems. It just goes to show it’s business as usual in Montgomery County when it comes to spending in Montgomery County Public Schools,” he said.

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  1. A raise after displaying the absolutely reprehensible behavior regarding the rape of a legitimate student by at least 1 (the 18 year old) student that should not have been in the building in the first place is inexcusable.

    Instead of rewarding the disgusting cowardice and ENDORSEMENT of the rape (by returning the "students" to the same class, uncharged), Smith should have IMMEDIATELY condemned the crime against a child that he was supposed to have the best interests of

    My opinion is that after his cowardly and milquetoast response after a week of hiding from news reporters, Smith should have been fired and charged himself.

    He is either the PRIMARY guardian of students academics, safety, and well being, or he is the most expensive hood ornament this side of Queen Elizabeth II.


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