Friday, September 8, 2017

Peer Tutoring: When is it Student Exploitation?

How much should children help each other learn? Peer tutoring, or peer-assisted learning, is trendy. Search the literature and it’s all over the place, although much of the research involves peer tutoring in higher education.
When does peer tutoring cross the line? How much tutoring should a child do, or get? Is the tutee (child being tutored) always well-assisted when a classmate tutors them? How does it help the tutor?
Tutoring in school is nothing new. Teachers have always put children in groups where they could work together (collaboration), or they have paired students in class...

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  1. In MCPS awhile ago this 'peer tutoring' was a way for teachers to have our gifted/talented children do their work, possibly because the class was too large or too diverse in terms of level or ability. This doesn't help our GT kids, who are not learning during the time they are spending helping other children.


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