Monday, September 4, 2017

Tuesday: Former MCPS Teacher, who used "school system’s computers to send lurid requests" to a Teenage Girl, Hearing on Reconsideration of Sentence

Rockville Circuit Court Docket Information:

Event Date:09/05/2017 Event Time: 01:30 PM Judge: BOYNTON, DAVID A
Location:50 Maryland Avenue North Tower Courtroom 6a Courtroom: 6A


The Request for a Hearing is shown below.  The Washington Post article on the sentencing of this former MCPS (Einstein High School) teacher is at this link. From the article:
...Detectives spoke with the student, who confirmed that the e-mails had come from Shemer. She also said that she visited his classroom during her lunch hour and after school. The two spoke specifically about sex — and Shemer asked her if she would perform specific sexual acts, according to police.
“The defendant did ask her if she would dominate him,” prosecutor Tim Hagan said in court Thursday.
The conversations between Shemer and the student continued via e-mail. At one point, Hagan said, Shemer asked the student to use a different e-mail address to reach him. Shemer also asked her to provide him with a picture of a private part of her body, according to police...

The Parents' Coalition  obtained the audio from the sentencing hearing of MCPS teacher Richard Shemer on June 6, 2014
At that hearing Mr. Shemer's attorney revealed what he considered to be a "unique" situation in that the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Board of Education allowed Mr. Shemer to resign from his teaching position after they completed their internal investigation of the allegations against him.  
That is, Mr. Shemer was not fired from his MCPS teaching position
Mr. Shemer plead guilty to sex abuse of a minor and was sentenced on June 6th.


  1. In case you are wondering, the Judge granted the request for Probation Before Judgement. So, Shemer will be off the Sex Offenders Registry and will have an almost clean record, since he will never have to say that he was convicted of a crime.
    The Judge considered that he had suffered enough with the three weeks he spent in jail, the divorce - which Shemer termed "the loss of his wife" -, the hardships in finding a good paying job, and a myriad of other things that are currently harming him.
    And, of course, the Judge said he couldn't bring EITHER party to before the incident, so, there was no point in continuing punishing Shemer.
    Most interesting, indeed.

  2. You have got to be kidding. We wonder why this goes on in our county? Because he is getting off easy. Any Google search of his name will continue to tell the story.

  3. No point in continuing to punish Shemer? So the little girl of 15 is sexual abused and harassed by a 51 year old teacher shouldn't be protected? Why is he not still in jail? Do we think that this is his only victim?I laughed at the ruling about the harm he endured because he lost his wife, job, and reputation. Didn't he make that choice when he asked a little girl to send pictures of her private areas, asked for sex or offer her drugs.
    Like the other post said his deeds will live forever in an internet search by any employer. Montgomery and Judge Boynton should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. In Montgomorrah county the pillars of society have no shame or conscience.

  5. This is the connection for the Judge and Shemer. They both coached baseball at Olney Baseball.

    From James A Boynton bio

    Coach (girls softball, 1995-98; girls basketball, 1995-98; boys baseball, 1995), Montgomery County Recreation Department. Coach (boys baseball), Olney Boys and Girls Club, 1996-99. Active in Boy Scouts of America, beginning as cub scout pack den leader, 1991-96. Community Service Award, Montgomery County Bar Foundation, 2003.

    Good ole boys network. Should there be an inquiry on this relationship? He is an admitted child abuser that got a lesser sentence than the young girls life he ruined.

  6. Montgomery county has a rich history of cobwebs and tangled webs horizontal, vertical and diagonal. The problem is that its citizens have a short memory and attention span that is constantly exploited.

    1. Is that the definition of "progressive?" What makes our citizens have so much disdain for children? Other communities actually protect children, but not here. What makes us different on this social justice issue?

    2. I do not know the answer to that.
      But, our elected officials love 'bait and switch' strategies.


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