Friday, December 15, 2017

$110M lawsuit hits Brentwood, NY school district in MS-13 murder

Long Island, New York school officials knew MS-13 gang members were tormenting a high school student and had threatened her life — but they did nothing, according to the $110 million lawsuit filed by the dead girl’s mother.

For two years, Kayla Cuevas allegedly suffered through misery including taunting, spitting and having her pants pulled in school hallways by students who were known MS-13 gang members.

Yet Brentwood School District officials “refused to take action to rectify the problem of bullying,” according to the Brooklyn federal lawsuit Evelyn Rodriguez filed Monday.

For the full story go here.


  1. That's going to break the bank.

  2. This may soon become MCPS. The county is ignoring the huge uptick in school gang activity.

    1. No, they are waiting until it reaches epidemic proportions akin to the opioids issue.

      "McCarthy said the number of gang homicides in the county went from 0 in 2011 to as many as 18 in the past two years."


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