Friday, December 8, 2017

MCCF Dec. 11th Meeting: Jennifer Alvaro of Bethesda Named MCCF’s Community Hero for December

Montgomery County Civic Federation, December 2017
...Ms. Alvaro wants to be clear that, while some positive changes and actions have been implemented, there is still no transparency in the process.  Abuse can only thrive in an atmosphere of secrecy, and Jennifer Alvaro will continue to advocate for transparency and action to protect our children.  That is why she is our newest Community Hero. Two months ago, even The Washington Post had to admit that another child sex abuse “case appears to be the latest of several in which a Montgomery County school system employee was admonished for repeated incidents of inappropriate behavior with students but stayed on the job and allegedly crossed the line again.”  The mandated reporters—principals and MCPS administrators—repeatedly failed to report incidents to Child Protective Services. Board of Education Members and County Councilmembers are not holding MCPS accountable for these failures to report sex abuse of students to the proper authorities.  Only two States have no penalties for failing to report child sex abuse, and Maryland is one of them.  In this literally lawless atmosphere, it is time the Civic Federation’s voice be heard.  Please see below a draft resolution to join the Parents’ Coalition in support of Ms. Alvaro’s quest for Montgomery County Board of Education to create a Web page that lists all known abusers and lists every school and program that each were involved with...


  1. It may become an uphill battle. Since the information is in public domain perhaps the Civic Federation can take the initiative.

  2. While you are on the roll, persuade the officials at Montgomery College to create a similar
    Web page so that we do not throw our children out of the frying pan into the fire.


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