Friday, December 1, 2017

NBC4: Gaithersburg High School Employee Says Student Violence Out of Control

An employee at Gaithersburg High School says fights between students have gotten so out of control that even staff and teachers are at risk.

The employee leaked 10 cell phone videos of student fights, including one that shows students fighting on top of a security guard who tried to break up a brawl. Six students face disciplinary action for the fight, News4 first reported last week.

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  1. Jack you don’t have the capacity to lead MCPS. Do the right thing and resign. Before you do that can you please fire Andy Zuckerman? Security in MCPS is a joke and has been since Zuckerman took over as chief operating officer. He wasn’t even your hire. You inherited this fool from Joshua P. Think about it. You have no idea what you are doing leading MCPS and you are drowning. When you finally sink to the bottom you will be greeted by Zuckerman (he drowned day one on the job). What has he done to improve security since you took over MCPS? Absolutely nothing. In fact MCPS security has been in the news quite frequently for a number of disturbing reasons. What changes has he made? Doing the same thing over and over again isn’t a strategy AZ, it’s insanity!

    Can we be real here for a second folks? Jack was hired from Calvert County although he likes to boast that he was interim state superintendent. He was in that role at the state for about four months. I think it’s safe to erase that “experience” from his resume. His last district leadership position was at tiny Calvert County which currently has 15,569 students in their district (24 schools). Let’s contrast that with the Gaithersburg cluster which has about 8,035 students in 10 schools. It’s safe to say that he is completely and utterly over his head as superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools. He MIGHT be qualified to be a school performance director but that’s probably a stretch for him too.

    Gaithersburg HS is 49% Hispanic. Calvert County Public Schools is 5% Hispanic. What sort of experience dealing with diverse populations could Jack possibly bring to MCPS? Zero. He’s not prepared at all to lead the diverse population of MCPS no matter how many times he brags about going to Asia.

    It’s safe to say that this Jack Smith experiment is a failure.


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