Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gaithersburg residents object to school plans

GAITHERSBURG — More than two dozen city residents came to City Hall Monday night to voice opposition to a proposal by Montgomery County Public Schools to construct a new elementary school on the site of Kelley Park.  Located in the Saybrooke neighborhood on the city’s east side, the park includes green space, playground and baseball diamonds which are used in the summer by the Cal Ripken Collegiate League.
School construction has long been a hot button issue in Gaithersburg, where many of the MCPS elementary schools which serve the city are operating over capacity.

Residents learned about the proposal when Council member Neil Harris publicized it on his social media and the neighborhood organizing app Nextdoor...


  1. I don't understand why a community would object to a new School being built in their neighborhood to reduce overcrowding? It seems to me smaller classrooms means more teachers, more one to one contact and a better curriculum throughout the year? What am I missing?

    1. Their objections are in the article. There is no guarantee a new school means shaller classrooms, more teachers (where in budget is that?) and absolutely nothing to do with curriculum (current one has been declared a disaster).

    2. Elementary schools in this county used to be local neighborhood schools. Look at GlenAllen ES to get an idea of the megafactories that are being built now. In the case of RMHS, the architectural firm builds prisons. Knowing that, now go look at some photos of that school.

    3. Megaincubators by assimilation and osmosis.


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