Thursday, May 24, 2018

Board of Ed Pays $147,515 Salary of Private School Principal #ethics #ConflictOfInterest #PublicSchool

The Montgomery County Board of Education pays the salary of a principal at a private school.


Can other private schools have the Board of Education fund their principals?  How does a private school apply for this perk? 

Apparently the MCPS Operating Budget is so flush with cash that public school education money can be used to fund positions in private schools.

The principal of the George B. Thomas Saturday School is Khadija Barkley. 
Ms. Barkley's annual salary of $147,515 is paid out of the MCPS Operating Budget as was the salary of the previous Saturday School principal. 

The Board of Education has been paying the salary for the principal of this private school for years.

This information is from the MCPS June 2017 salary database.


  1. Khadija Barkley, the former principal at Roberto Clement Middle School that failed to report sexual misconduct of a substitute teacher and tried to sweep it all under the rug? Along with other incidents during her time as principal, she is the Queen of Cover ups! Her so-called "promotion" to be principal of the George B. Thomas Saturday School coincidentally happened at the same time her inability to communicate to parents was put in the spotlight. Let's keep churning these teachers and administrators within the system so they don't loose their precious salaries or titles so they can then flee to other school districts with them being non the wiser.

  2. Parents Coalition really loses credibility with hysterical posts like this that completely misrepresent facts. Saturday School is not a “private school” as people use that term. It is a tutoring/academic support program for MCPS kids on weekends at MCPS schools around the region.

    Whoever manages this thing has to help organize the curriculum, which includes remediation for anyone who needs it and acceleration for under-represented groups, manage the site coordinators and teachers at however the schools where Saturday School takes place, make sure the bus schedules are correct and that letters go out every year.

    1. Department ID Number: D04243523Business Name: THE GEORGE B. THOMAS, SR. LEARNING ACADEMY, INC.Principal Office: 1 DABNEY COURT
      23RD FLOOR
      » Order Certificate of Status Business Type: CORPORATIONBusiness Code: 04 ORDINARY BUSINESS - NON-STOCKDate of Formation/ Registration: 10/10/1995State of Formation: MDStock Status: NONSTOCKClose Status: NO

    2. There are a lot of tutoring/academic support programs for MCPS students afterschool and on weekends. Do they all get full time MCPS administrators?

      You refer to Saturday School as "this thing." It is not MCPS. It is not part of MCPS. It is a private entity that does not make it's budget public. It's Board does not meet in public. What is it?

      You claim to know what this full time MCPS administrator is doing at Saturday School. Please then tell the public how this private school spends the $1.4 million +/- funding they get from the County.

      If having a MCPS administrator spend 100% of their time working for a "thing" is an appropriate use of public school education dollars, please let us know where this arrangement is detailed in the MCPS budget.

      Because even when the previous Saturday School administrator was interviewed by The Washington Post he did not reveal that his position was being paid out of the MCPS budget. Even Councilmembers did not know about the use of MCPS Operating Budget funds to pay for the Saturday School principal until the Parents' Coalition made that fact public.

    3. Parents' Coalition is the only news outlet that does the investigations necessary, and gets the documents and facts to keep people informed about the financial and social issues at our public schools, for which we pay half of our entire county budget, $2.5BILLION. Nothing in this, or any other post on this blog, is 'hysterical' but that is a smear that the current county government loves to throw at anyone who questions their actions and decisions.

  3. ". . .the current county government loves to throw at anyone who questions their actions and decisions." It is the proverbial, "Shooting the Messenger."


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