Thursday, July 19, 2018

And the Somerset Elementary School artificial turf playground is coming apart. #surprised? #2YearsOld

The picture to the left shows a section of the Somerset Elementary School playground where the artificial turf is coming apart at a seam.

The picture below shows the temperature of the Somerset Elementary School artificial turf playground on July 14th.  Should children be playing on a surface that is 146 degrees?  Do the children go out for recess when the field is 146 degrees during the school year?

The Somerset Elementary School parents were allowed by the Board of Education to raise money to put in their own artificial turf field.  Who is going to be funding the repairs to this two year old artificial grass field?  


  1. July 7, 2016 Memo for County Council Work Session of July 11, 2016: "Artificial turf can provide a more durable and more easily maintained playing surface for the very heavily used space."

  2. Per the discussion at County Council, the taxpayers will be paying for the repairs. The money from Somerset itself was only for the initial installation. To see the discussion, and the unanimous vote by the members of the county council, go here:


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