Friday, July 13, 2018

School board approves $800K severance deal for PGCPS CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell

...Burroughs, one of Dr. Maxwell's vocal critics, told FOX 5, “I'm very disappointed that our tax dollars were wasted. These are dollars that could have gone to the classroom, but instead will leave with Dr. Maxwell.”
Burroughs also said he was threatened by Eubanks after calling for his resignation.
“After the meeting, his attorney asked me to come to the back room and when I went to the back room, [Eubanks] pushed me against the bookcase and told me he was going to blank me up … And as you have on your video footage, he was escorted off the premises by school system security.”
Another school board member who witnessed the alleged incident backed up Burroughs' account. Eubanks did not respond to our request for his account of what happened.

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