Monday, July 16, 2018

Silver Chips: Why Online School?

...Within just a week of starting online school, Farber noticed a tremendous difference in both her physical and mental health. "After about a week of not having to go to school I was going to bed on time, waking up at a normal time, actually doing work and talking to my friends again," Farber attests. Online school provides a relief of school-related stress and pressure that can be very beneficial for a student’s health. While Farber admits that "it’s hard to say, of course, what exactly helped me get into a better place," she emphasizes that, "being out of school and being removed definitely took a lot of my anxiety away because I didn’t have to worry about all the school drama…"

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  1. I wonder how long this program has been in existence. When I contacted MCPS for my daughter,I was only told about this program:


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