Sunday, July 29, 2018

SOLD! to the highest bidder

We all know that our internet data is data mined and sold for profit. Its all the cost of doing business.

But did you realize the extent to which your minor child's data is commercialized?

Perhaps we need to just accept that like our health data, the concept of personal privacy has gone the way of the landline . . . or has it?

From the article:

Consumers’ personal details are collected in countless ways these days, from Instagram clicks, dating profiles and fitness apps. While many of those efforts are aimed at adults, the recruiting methods for some student recognition programs give a peek into the widespread and opaque world of data mining for millions of minors — and how students’ profiles may be used to target them for educational and noneducational offers. MyCollegeOptions, for instance, says it may give student loan services, test prep and other companies access to student data.

These marketing programs are generally legal, taking advantage of the fact that there is no federal law regulating consumer data brokers. They also face little oversight because federal education privacy laws make public schools, and not their vendors, directly responsible for controlling the spread of student data.

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