Monday, July 30, 2018

TODAY: Board of Ed. Slips $1.45 MILLION Plastic Football Field in BCC Construction Contract as Change Order #artificialturf #landfill #nobid

FYI: $1,450,000 for an artificial turf football field is an outrageous price! 

But, this is on the Board of Education's Consent Agenda for today's meeting.

Here's how this will go:

  • One Board member chosen in advance will ask that this Consent Agenda item be removed from the agenda for discussion.   
  • A MCPS staff member will then take a seat at the Board table and give a predetermined statement to cover for this outlandish price.  
  • There will be no explanation of why the purchase of this artificial turf field is being slipped into the Hess Construction Contract.  
  • There will be no explanation of why this purchase is not going to be bid out separately. 
  • There will be no discussion of the useful life of this plastic field or how in 10 years it will join other plastic fields in Brunswick, Virginia to sit for the next 1,000 years.
  • There will be no discussion about where the MONEY for this ONE artificial turf field is coming from.  Based on previous statements by MCPS COO Andrew Zuckerman, MCPS does not have enough money in the budget (Capital or Operating - depending on which one Mr. Zuckerman discusses) to pay this much for ONE artificial turf football field.  Spending at this level on ONE field is not sustainable based on the existing funds for new artificial turf fields. 
  • Board members will be silent.  They will nod their heads.  They will not ask questions or demand documentation. They will unanimously vote for this exorbitant expenditure without ever seeing contracts or any details about the plastic field to be installed.
$1,450,000 should have been enough money to pay for 3 new artificial turf football fields.  


  1. You forgot this bullet: No one on the county council will say a word. They are all complicit.

    1. We really know how to pick them, don't we?

  2. As a taxpaying resident of this county, I'm really appalled that $1.5 million will be spent for a synthetic turf field. If MCPS represents solid education for the students enrolled within its programs how do its actions actually teach fundamental math, science and economics?

    1. Education is the act of transferring knowledge from the teacher to the students.

  3. This is why the county council is working so hard to get rid of the requirement that property tax increases be a unanimous council vote. Wait for it...


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