Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Group calls for increasing Md. taxes to support education spending

A left-leaning budget policy think tank is calling for sweeping changes to the state’s tax code to pay for billions in increased public education spending.
Experts with the Maryland Center on Economic Policy said the changes they recommend would result in an $1.9 billion increase in state revenue — enough to pay for what the organization believes will be the state’s portion of recommendations from the Kirwan Commission. The organization said the current state of Maryland’s tax system doesn’t collect enough money to pay for expected increases in education spending.
“Together, these shortcomings create a revenue system that doesn’t keep up with Marylander’s needs that further concentrates wealth and power in a few hands and does nothing to reduce the economic barriers that hold back many Marylanders, especially people of color,” said Christopher Meyer, a research analyst for the organization...

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  1. Raise the minimum wage so people can afford to pay more taxes?


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