Tuesday, January 1, 2019

MoCo Connect: Magruder student threatened over reporting a security mishap

By Abby Matson

Magruder High School is located in Derwood Maryland (Montgomery County).

Chloe Appel, a current 10th grader gave a testimony to the Board of Education, regarding a security mishap and testified that she was allegedly threatened by school security staff after going to the county for help.

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  1. Fascinating tape of the woman who made issues at Magruder public. She was threatened and intimidated by school staff. I hope she doesn't back off and stays the strong woman who speaks up.

  2. Note to editors: She reported to the principal?

  3. Anyone contacted the school to get their side of this?

    I’m a former Magruder employee and can say that the issue of doors being accessible was due to students propping doors open with the doormat. Students also opened side doors all the time to allow people into the building without using main entrance. Students were constantly being reminded by administration not to open doors to other people or to prop doors open. Students regularly attempted to sneak in their friends from other schools or their friends who had skipped classes/left campus and trying to return. This was a a source of grave concern and frustration for security and staff. MCPS has only allocated 5 security staff for this high school. Not the manpower to be everywhere at every moment.

    Having worked with the security team for 10+ years, I never heard anyone of them yell or be disrespectful to students. Any issue requiring a repair has to be reported to MCPS Maintenance as a work order. Those are not always handled in a timely manner.

    I am not questioning what this student was feeling about this but sharing my experiences as an employee in the main office. I applaud her advocacy on behalf of her school. I would urge her to continue her dialogue with the Magruder administration and security. The best and most efficient change occurs at the school level.

    1. What about the ceiling tiles falling down?


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