Sunday, January 6, 2019

Prince George’s Co. school board member proposes free meals for students during shutdown

From, full story here. Reporter John Doman.


  1. This is a pure example of elected officials happy to give away tax payer dollars without any forethought just trying to gain notoriety for making the suggestion. The proposal is certainly heart warming but objective viewing makes one wonder. The question that K. Wallace fails to answer is how many children are affected by the shutdown in PG County? The answer is probably few, but at best probably not many. However, that is immaterial to him when he suggests all children get the free meals. But heck, I am not a PG County resident, so I only wonder if others really care how their tax dollars are wasted. Another do-gooder happy to propose spending other people's money without accountability. Another take from the many to give to the few for which most funding is unneeded.

    1. Well spending public school dollars on lunch certainly has a whole lot more accountability than the MCPS Board of Education who spends almost $10 million a year on unaudited credit cards for administrators. At least the public can see where the PG money is going to go. What do you think MCPS administrators buy with their personal credit cards?

    2. Feeding children is not wasting taxpayer dollars. Of course, there are different views in different locations. I think this is a good cause and if I lived in Prince George's I would approve of how my tax dollars were being spent. As opposed to Montgomery County, where the Board of Education members spend my money on surf and turf at the DC Hilton.


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