Documents: Milestone Communications - Cell Towers on Public School Land in Maryland

  • Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Telecommunications Leasing Master Agreement

Broadneck HS-Milestone Deed of Lease Agreement

Memorandum of Lease - Broadneck High School

Real Property Deed of Lease Agreement - CAT North

Memorandum of Lease - CAT North

  • Caroline County Public Schools
Documents have not yet been received. Public Information Act request is pending.

  • Dorchester County Public Schools

  • Frederick County Public Schools

  • Prince George's County Public Schools

Milestone - Telecommunications Leasing Master Agreement

Charles Carroll Middle School Deed of Lease

-Charles H. Flowers High School Deed of Lease and Memorandum of Lease

Flowers High School - cell tower (pole) application
Part 1
  • Please note in this application there is NO authorization to build from the Board of Education or PGCPS.  We did see that authorization in another file, but not in this one.
  • Please see page 15 of the PDF where Milestone provided refreshments for a neighborhood event.
  • Starting on page 40 of the PDF are the lists of elected officials and HOAs that were notified of this project.  The principal was notified March 31, 2014.
Part 2
Flowers High School - Verizon application 9/26/14: 
-Milestone Tower LP - Real Property Deed of Lease Agreement and Memorandum of Lease - Benjamin Tasker MS

-Milestone Tower LP - Real Property Deed of Lease Agreement and Memorandum of Lease - Green Valley Academy

  • Queen Anne's County Public Schools

  • Somerset County Public Schools

  • Talbot County Public Schools

  • Wicomico County Public Schools 

                                                                              Part 2

                                                       Part 2
                                                       Part 3

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