Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gazette letter: Tech savvy superintendent neglects assistive tech

In the March 11 issue of The Gazette, parent Kathleen Gilhooly of Bethesda writes:
Schools Superintendent Jerry Weast's biography touts his award for "tech savvy superintendent." But the tech savvy superintendent fails to see that students with disabilities have access to assistive technology, as demonstrated both by my child's experience in public schools honors classes, and by the February report evaluating the phase out of school system's secondary learning centers that provide special education services to students with disabilities.
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  1. The tech savvy superintendent award is co-sponsored by Promethean and has been for years? Really?

  2. DJ,

    Isn't is weird that MCPS never solicitied bids for the multi-million dollar procurement of interactive whiteboards? You'd think that a savvy superintendent would want to get the best product at the best price for students, teachers, and taxpayers, wouldn't you?

  3. Adding to my previous comment, isn't it intriguing that none of the interactive whiteboard manufacturers or dealers have complained to the BOE that the procurement rules were violated for this highly lucrative purchase? One would wonder if vendors are divvying up the business instead of competing.

  4. Which came first, the Tech Savvy Superintendent award or the decision to purchase thousands of Promethean Boards?

  5. July 14, 2009
    Tech-Savvy Superintendent Weast to parent,"I don't do e-mail"


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