Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Contract - $23 Million - IQinVision

On January 30, 2009, I testified in Annapolis about the urgent need for transparency in MCPS procurements via an online searchable website. I gave 4 examples of major procurements that did not appear in MCPS Board of Education minutes. One of the examples I gave was the IQinVision procurement that has received much publicity from the company, but a vote on this procurement is not shown in Board of Education minutes.

Now we know why the IQinVision procurement does not appear in MCPS Board of Education minutes. Once again, there was no contract. Once again, there was no Board of Education approval of this procurement, even though it was clearly over the $25,000 threshold requiring Board action.

According to the limited information that is available on this procurement, the "installation" of 5 IQinVision cameras for Walter Johnson High School cost $9,225.00.

The Press Release from IQinVision announces that 3,000 cameras will be installed in MCPS this year and a total of 12,000 to 13,000 by the end of the initiative. It would appear that 3,000 cameras would equate to a procurement of around $5.5 million for one year. The total "initiative" for 13,000 cameras would appear to be a procurement of around $23,985,000. As stated, the public information on this procurement is very limited.

If Board of Education President Brandman, former Board President Navarro (President when these orders were placed) or Superintendent Weast would like to provide documentation to make this procurement transparent to the public we will post those documents here on the Parents' Coalition blog. At present the only documents available are 3 Purchase Orders and a reference to a GSA Contract with a company that deals in Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services. See those documents below:

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