Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weast can't provide free public education

In a February 3, 2009, memorandum to the MCPS Board of Education, Superintendent Weast states that, "The cost of eliminating all fees and expenses for students would be prohibitive."
Superintendent Weast is stating that he is unable to follow the Maryland Constitution and provide all MCPS students with access to a free public education? Why is he unable to follow the law?
Below is the memorandum where he makes this statement. The memorandum was supposed to be in response to Board members questions about the cost of eliminating all Curricular Fees.
However, the memorandum is very confusing because Superintendent Weast discusses all student fees - extra-curricular fees and parking fees are not the issue.
What is at issue is the charging of public school students to attend classes in MCPS public schools. How is it that the law can be followed in other Maryland counties, but cannot be followed in Montgomery County?
02 03 09CourseFees(2)Memo

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