Saturday, June 20, 2009

Congratulations to Eastern MS . . .

The Eastern Middle School community in Silver Spring is ecstatic that they will receive a new $15,000 athletic field makeover from Kellogg - the folks that bring Frosted Flakes and other breakfast foods to families across the country.

Here is the text that went out to one of the lists I am on. Note that the writer asks that everyone pass along Eastern's great news.

Hello Eastern Middle School community and friends,

Late yesterday, I received an email from Kellogg's saying that Eastern Middle School -- got that drum roll going? -- has been selected as one of 30 fields in the country to receive field improvements/renovations! Yep, we did it! We went from a late night (and practically forgotten) nomination whim, to a semifinalist in practically last place out of 100 fields with only 24 votes in early May, to ninth place and 23,554 votes only three weeks later! Who would have guessed? Well, Ben Yeatts-Lonske certainly did, with his incredible and inspirational vote-by-vote tracking of the situation, and Aileen Hilliard and Judith Arbacher and Beth Sperber Ritchie and Susan Thomas and many many others who Ben cited in his June 2 wrap-up email as having sent out reminders, emails to other lists, etc. Congratulations everyone, and get ready to enjoy a brand new field! Kellogg's will probably organize a celebration once the renovation is done (and if they don't we will). But, let's organize something sooner at the field in the next week or so to celebrate this win. Any suggestions?

If you did contact any listservs and community or personal contacts, please spread the news that Eastern is among the winners! Also, because school is out for the summer, please share the news with any EMS families you are able to contact who might not be on this listserv or might not have a computer.

Let's keep this momentum going for making Eastern a stellar example of all things cooperative and scholastic, with parents, teachers, and students working together for the single purpose of providing the best education possible for our kids who, after all, is what this is all about.

Jim Laurenson
Numerous listserves across the county carried Eastern's plea for assistance - and yes, as stated by Mr. Laurenson, this is a stellar example of all things creative.

Meanwhile, over in Bethesda, Walter Johnson High School is in the process of installing a new turf field (estimated cost $400,000 +) that will be ripped out in November after one football season (and two months into the school year) and replaced by an artificial turf field at a cost of $1.2 million.

Great job, Walter Johnson, in advocating for your own community while middle schools in Montgomery County have to be creative and identify their own financing. Now, what is your community going to do to thank the other school communities across Montgomery County who are still waiting for their field of dreams?

I never realized that when Dr. Weast talks about the green and the red zone, he is also referring to the status of the athletic fields in the county.


  1. Magnet Mom,
    Thanks for congratulating those of us in the WJ cluster! We deserve it. As for you in the Eastern MS cluster who have to beg for $15,000 while we are getting showered with millions here in Bethesda, you voted for your representatives too. This is what you wanted, remember.

  2. Not quite sure what freestategal is saying. The eastern cluster reps. and people don't have nearly the same political clout as in Bethesda.

  3. To all Eastern Middle School field supporters,

    The local organizers of the Eastern Middle School Plant-A-Seed field competition are having a little breakfast celebration this Saturday morning, Aug. 1, from 8 AM to ?, at Eastern's field, and all are invited. It's BYOFF (Bring Your Own Frosted Flakes!) or if you prefer we'll have some FF's, milk, etc. too for a small donation (please RSVP per below; excess donations will be added to the field funds). If you choose the latter, we'll have disposable bowls/spoons, but please try to bring your own to reduce costs and help the environment. Also, bring a blanket or lawn chairs to sit on.

    We'll also have a multi-generational pickup soccer game, so wear appropriate attire if you want to play, and bring both a very dark and a very light t-shirt to distinguish teams.

    And bring ideas for how you think we should use the Kellogg's money, whether/how/who to lobby for additional funds/donations, etc.

    To give us a sense of how many are coming, etc., please email Jim Laurenson at by 8 pm Friday with (1) how many will be in your party and (2) whether you'll either BYOFF or have the FFs we bring.

    Hope to see you Saturday, but if you can't make it, we'll probably do this again in the fall and certainly after the renovations are complete.

    And please forward this to whatever email lists you were harassing about votes!

    The EMS Field "Booster Club"


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