Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ABC 7 News - Caught on Tape: Kennedy High School Attack

Update: 9/30/09 11 PM Community Meeting to be held Thursday Oct. 1st

Update 9/30/09 6:19 PM: ABC 7 News High School Attackers to Face Charges

Apparently, Superintendent Jerry Weast can't be bothered with school violence issues, or is he not in town? According to ABC 7 News:

Meanwhile, the school system told ABC 7 News the incident is not the type to require the superintendent's attention.

ABC 7 News Exclusive: A brutal attack caught on tape has become a Facebook sensation at a local high school. But the victim wants to know why she was targeted and claims the school is doing nothing to protect her.

Kennedy Principal says it "is impossible for him to view the Facebook video" and he declined ABC 7's offer to show it to him.

ABC 7's reporter said they are "waiting for a response" from Superintendent Jerry Weast to their offer to show him the video.

Update 9/30/07 3:30 PM
: WTOP - Student attacked during school football game

...Two of the girls involved have been charged - as juveniles - with second degree assault.
The two girls -- a 16-year-old who attends Kennedy and an 18-year-old who attends Montgomery Blair High school -- are sisters, Channel 7 reports...

...The principal has called for a community meeting.
In the past decade, there have been two murders on Montgomery County school property. Both were in school parking lots and both took place after football games...


  1. Last sentence in WJLA update -

    "Meanwhile, the school system told ABC 7 News the incident is not the type to require the superintendent's attention. "
    High School Attackers to Face Charges
    posted 09/30/09 5:15 pm

  2. I think the school administrators are sending a terrible message to the student who was attacked (and to the whole student body) by refusing to watch the video and by encouraging the victim to stay home from school as a way to prevent another attack. The school and district's response to this incident is outrageous.

    I think Temperance and her mom deserve kudos for for the way they are handling the situation.


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