Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rockville Central - Laura Berthiaume: Oppose Peary Site Sale

Rockville Central:  
Contributor Opinion By Laura Berthiaume: Oppose Peary Site Sale
...The Board of Education has already sent two letters firmly opposing the sale of this site.
The Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations has also voted to oppose the sale... 
...Anyone in the Rockville area who is concerned about school overcrowding should be paying attention tonight. It is particularly concerning that a lame duck County Council is rushing this process through. In fact, it appears there might have been a vote on this sale without even a hearing had County Council Member Valerie Ervin not required that tonight’s hearing be set. The vote will be taken by a lame duck Council, including two outgoing members, one of whom (Duchy Trachtenberg) has been the Council Member pushing to have this sale take place. The voters have spoken. A new Council will be sworn in come December. A step of this magnitude should not be taken by a lame duck Council, led by a lame duck Council Member who will not have to accept responsibility for the portables, the 1:30 lunch times, the classes taking place in hallways, or the lack of recess play areas because all the blacktop is unavailable — all because we already do not have enough classroom space.
Laura Berthiaume 
Montgomery County School Board

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  1. The Board of Ed should think long and hard about spending any money at all on relieving overcrowding in and around Aspen Hill and Rockville. Last night's bullying atmosphere sanctioned by the County Council shows that the people in Rockville support selling a 20-acre property for less than $2M. The rest of us who pay taxes in this county DO NOT want to support people that give away our money. No new schools should be built to accomodate people that just forced the county through threats and intimidation to give away upwards of $30M.


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