Friday, December 17, 2010

Gazette: Churchill High School principal wrongly dismisses school

Gazette: Some students leave early; school system investigating possible prank 
 by Cody Calamaio and Alex Ruoff | Staff Writers

Some Winston Churchill High School students left school several hours before the final bell Thursday following an erroneous early dismissal.
About 10:35 a.m., shortly after the county's first measurable snowfall of the year began, Principal Joan Benz announced over the public address system to the Potomac school that classes would end early, according to students and the school system.
Less than an hour later, Benz, a 35-year school system employee, again addressed the school, this time to retract the early dismissal...
...Yu said some underclassmen protested Benz's retraction of the early release by sitting down in the hallway. Security guards threatened to take away parking passes if the students didn't get up.
He said he students were disappointed in Benz's decision to make them stay after she told them they could leave.
"I feel like she tried to cover it up," Yu said. "Ms. Benz couldn't admit that she was wrong."

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  1. Young Mr. Yu is correct. Benz would never admit that she is wrong. How could she be so gullible to make such an announcement based on a telephone call?


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