Thursday, July 21, 2011

Berthiaume on charter lottery: "...a fair process with no thumbs on the scale..."

Here is the statement that Board of Education member Laura Berthiaume made at the July 7, 2011, Board meeting on the Crossway Montessori program application for a charter school in Montgomery County. 

Board member Berthiaume refers to the residential program that Crossway currently runs for the Housing Opportunities Commission.  Ms. Berthiaume expresses concerns about the possibility that a charter school could be opened by the Crossway program but that all of the current Crossway students might not be admitted to the school under an open lottery.  

Ms. Berthiaume is concerned that this charter school application could end up just "converting a private school."

Board member Berthiaume refers to Ms. Guinan in her statement. Kathleen Guinan is the current director of the Crossway Montessori program and the primary contact on the application for the Community Charter School.

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