Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pearson-MCPS Final Product Development Plan

Here it is, folks. The final 'Product Development Plan' that lays out the agreement between Pearson and MCPS. Although I had requested this document last summer, I just received it this week. Note the redactions. Usually Product plans are 'road maps' for projects and deliverables. They call out and identify: 1. key staff; 2. deliverables; 3. milestones and dates of completion; timelines for development of deliverables. Take a look at this and see what you think.

Some observations:
Deliverables required from MCPS:
  • Marking Period Overviews
  • Integrated Weekly Planners
  • Content Weekly Planners
And here's a new name: Quarasan

Signing this financial and contractual agreement: MCPS Associate Superintendent Erick Lange; there is no date on the signature block. No sign of the Board of Education on this document. Were they involved at all?
MCPS-Pearson Product Development Plan July 30 2011


  1. Any thoughts on why they chose to redact half of the vision statement? (page 4, section 3.1) I can see where some people might choose to think it's appropriate to redact some of the publisher's milestones/deliverables - but the vision statement???
    - Melanie

  2. @Anonymous 7:16 AM, nope, I can't think why this information was redacted, other than it may include some information on electronic or online information that either Pearson or MCPS public employees believe is proprietary.


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