Friday, November 9, 2012

Jane Kubasik on the road for Jerry Weast & Joshua Starr

SVP 2012 Conference
Portland, OR
Audacious Philanthrophy
Transforming a School District

Presenter: Jane Kubasik – Founder and Chief Strategist, 114th Partnership and Board Member at Montogmery County Business Roundtable for Education

There is no question: the US needs to graduate more high school seniors and graduate them ready for college and careers. The community of Montgomery County, Maryland—home to one of the US’s largest school system—has been successful on both counts. Jane Kubasik, former Executive Director at Montgomery County Business Roundtable for Education and Founder and Chief Strategist at 114th Partnership, will share the story of that success. Under Jane’s leadership, MCBRE developed a new approach to business education partnerships with a strategy focused on leveraging the experience of business into the challenges of public education. Learn what worked and what didn’t and how these lessons can be applied in your community.

114th Partnership - Organization owned by MCBRE

MCBRE - Organization started by Superintendent Jerry Weast when he arrived in Montgomery County. Superintendent Joshua Starr joined MCBRE when he came to MCPS. 

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  1. Lockheed Martin is a business partner in Joshua Starr's MCBRE (Montgomery County Business Roundtable for Education)


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