Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Petition to Reform Pearson-MCPS Curriculum 2.0

Montgomery County's Curriculum 2.0 puts children who are at very different math achievement levels into the same classroom.  All children learn the same math concepts at the same pace.
This one-size-fits-all programming fails all children, whether their achievement level is below-grade, on-grade or above-grade, for the simple reason that their teacher is expected to divide her time among each group.  No child gets a full math period of instruction when the teacher divides the class into groups then teaches one group at a time while leaving the rest of the students to do self-guided worksheets or fill free-time.
Students at below-grade achievement levels need a full period of math instruction to improve as quickly as possible.  Curriculum 2.0 does not provide it. A full period of math instruction enables children at on-grade achievement to master more material. Curriculum 2.0 slows them down.  Students at above-grade achievement need above-grade instruction.  Curriculum 2.0 provides only "enrichment" of on-grade concepts they have already mastered.
Our children deserve better. Tell the Board of Education that it must reform Curriculum 2.0 by signing the petition letter below.
Contact for more information.

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  1. Great, but as always, why the obsession with math? Teachers and students face the same dilemma in reading and writing instruction in one-size-fits-all classrooms.


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