Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Starr's next version of Promethean board procurement

Here's one more version of how MCPS will be purchasing 2,000 Promethean Boards. This makes 4 different statements that have been made by Superintendent Joshua Starr about how the 2,000 Promethean Boards will be purchased.  Pick your favorite. 

In a September 6, 2012 letter to the Montgomery County Council, Superintendent Joshua Starr stated, 
"The acquisition of these interactive whiteboards and wireless technologies will be procured through the existing agreements that were competitively re-bid and awarded during the past six months."
Say again? MCPS Chief Technology Officer Sherwin Collette told the Board of Education on September 11th that the Promethean contract did not exist yet.  

Here's what Mr. Collette told the Board of Education (transcript from video of BOE meeting, September 11, 2012)

Board of Education member Phil Kauffman:  And, just talk to me about the contract vehicle that we are using to buy the Promethean Boards. 

Sherwin Collette, MCPS Chief Technology Officer:  So, um we were planning to use a State contract, um, ah, that was let, um, in fact, the state has, um, they reissued the RFP for that, um and it’s unclear at this point when they will make an announcement about the successor ah, to the vehicle that we will be using…

…The description of the language I am, will imagine is going to be slightly different when the new one is issued to be more specific, um, because there wasn’t that anticipation…

So, again, this um, the Department, the State Department of Technology, I believe is leading the renewal, it was Department of Management and Budget that had the first solicitation, ah they had their opening. My guess is that they will either, if they are pressed they will take a final decision on the renewal or the successor agreement issue an extension to the contract.

20121105 Starr Letter

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  1. Meanwhile, investors continue to flee from Promethean stock (PRW). The shares approached another trading low today on the London Exchange.


    Today's low is £0.1625, which is $0.26 US. The entire PRW company is now valued at less than the cost of a typical middle school.


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