Friday, January 4, 2013

$806,008 for Towson U FieldTurf in 2007

The Parents' Coalition has obtained documents from Towson University showing the cost of the 2007 artificial turf purchase by the University for their stadium.  The total cost for that installation was $806,008.40. The purchase orders and details are shown in the documents below.

The Towson University artificial turf stadium field was replaced in 2012 after just 4.5 years of use.  The plastic grass product installed had failed and had to be removed.

Towson University Artificial Turf purchase 2007


  1. Does anyone know what precautions were taken when it was removed? These AT fields contain EPA-identified toxic materials and must be moved to a hazardous waste landfill. That is quite expensive also. Where did this toxic field end up?

  2. Please also note that prices have dropped significantly - across the entire synthetic turf industry - since 2007. At least the procurement people at Towson U are a little more sophisticated than the ones in Montgomery County! Hey - what's 300k between friends anyway...

    1. Oh, no. You must be mistaken. The prices are going up! MCPS will be paying more for the Wootton High School artificial turf! MCPS only likes to pay for things that get more and more expensive! No deals for MCPS! MCPS only wants to overpay!


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