Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Video MCPS Doesn't Want You To See

The CAPP program (a collaborative autism preschool program) is the best-kept secret in Montgomery County. So secret, in fact, that this video was removed from the MCPS website so parents wouldn't see it and want similar services for their children!

Parents of preschoolers with autism are desperate. Parents know that early intervention, using applied behavioral analysis, is the best hope for learning skills for these children. And that preschoolers with autism who receive intensive early intervention achieve better outcomes than those who do not.

Why, therefore, is MCPS beginning a move to a "one size fits all" preschool model? Will the CAPP program remain an option for children in Montgomery County? And will the children who need that type of intervention be referred to it?

No more secrets. If preschool age children with autism need a program like the one described by MCPS below, shouldn't they have it? What say you, Mr. "Social Justice Warrior" Starr?


  1. The concept of "one size fits all" just doesn't work. Cutting back on CAPP, LAD programs, etc. for special ed students and thereby overusing general education programs is a harmful policy.

  2. Is there an actual movement away from CAPP programs? I know of a few programs active in the county, as well as numerous PEP programs that exist for children with autism? Just curious if anything "official" has come down saying that there will be a "one size fits all" pre-K program.

  3. Of course there is nothing "official" yet.

    MCPS's "modus operandi" is to do all the planning in secret, away from public input, and then spring it on parents and taxpayers as a DONE DEAL. A "Fait Accompli", so to speak.

    Oh sure, parents can go to the budget hearings and protest...but the rubber stamping BOE never changes anything. So, you PEP teachers out there, who think that you provide valuable about speaking up and speaking out? Let us HELP YOU serve the children. Let us HELP YOU advocate for quality programming for preschool children with special needs. And the only way we can do that is if you tell us what YOU are being told.


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