Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Exterminator suspects there is a termite infestation at Blair High School

After thousands of termites emerged in the arts hallway last Tuesday, an county exterminator has indicated the possibility of a termite infestation at Blair. The termites do not pose any immediate hazard, but the school may require treatment over the summer.

Thousands of termites emerged from a hole in the wall in Rm. 2 last Tuesday.Courtesy of Jamie Matthews
Thousands of termites emerged from a hole in the wall in Rm. 2 last Tuesday.
Students and teachers first noticed the termites in Rm. 2 during third period on Tuesday. Student teacher Michelle Steinberg had just finished teaching a demonstration when students saw the bugs at the perimeters of the room. "I noticed people weren't sitting down. The substitute teacher said there were bugs everywhere, so I went over to look. There were literally thousands on the floor, and they were coming out from a hole in the wall," Steinberg said...



  1. There must be a lot of dead wood in there.

  2. It's called SWARMING. That's what they do.


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