Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How MCPS Tests for Early Entrance to Kindergarten

How does MCPS evaluate a child for early entrance into kindergarten?  
From a recent Appeal to the Maryland State Board of Education we learn that children are tested in 7 categories when they are evaluated for early entrance into kindergarten.  


  1. Will they need three letters of recommendation and background check?

  2. Since Kindergarten is now what Grade 1 (and some of Grade 2!) were a few years ago probably better to wait the year anyway. Sad but true. No sense in a 4YO getting flung headlong into "algebraic thinking;" bad enough the 5YO's and 6YO's are getting it. :-(

  3. mcps eek assessments are unfair. the entire test is kept in secret. prior to the test, the eek members will not give you any information regarding the test. likewise during the testing, the windows are covered and the identity of the teachers assessing the children are kept in secret. further the decision letter does not provide any scores or data as supporting evidence of the decision. the entire process is a sham. i have searched the web and found no successful appeals as examples. in most of the appeal examples online (all unfavorable), mcps degrade and discredit the appellants (the parents) and their complaints regarding eek decision making process. one of the teachers told my son during the assessment that he was NOT going to kindergarten. they discouraged him so that he would not pass. this system is ridiculous and we as parents need to speak out about this.

    1. I am going through the same thing in Baltimore City. My 4yo completed pre k head of his class (NO EXAGERATION)!!! And since he missed the kaufman test score by 8 points they want him to repeat... His bday is 18 days after Sept 1st and it's crazy that those 18 days will set him back a whole school year.

  4. The more they learn the less they know.


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