Friday, April 4, 2014

MD Senate Refuses to Agree with House Protections for Children! Raskin's bill now goes to a "conference".

Well, here we are on Friday afternoon, April 4th.  The Maryland General Assembly ends this year's session on Monday at midnight. This afternoon we find out that the Maryland Senate is not willing to protect children from Persons in Positions of Authority with the same protections unanimously approved by the Maryland House.  

The Maryland Senate wants the House to back down from their position.  As the Senate refuses to agree with the House version of the bill, the bill now goes to a conference committee. 

Representing the Maryland Senate on the Conference Committee for this bill will be Senators Zirkin, Brochin and Shank.

As soon as we know the players for the House, we will let you know! 

Senate Refuses to Concur - House Amendments 60
Senate Requests House Recede 60
Conference Committee Appointed 60
Senators Zirkin, Brochin, and Shank 60

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  1. The Washington Post does not deem these are key bills:


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