Friday, August 22, 2014

Eastern MS Changes School Start Time

Remember all that dust up over changing the start times of schools?  Apparently, changing a start time is actually no big deal and any school can do it anytime. 

Arrive after 7:45 AM and you are tardy!  

Look at how easy that was! No budget implications! No bus schedule issues! No work group!  
One school just changed the start time of school without any fuss! 

MCPS' middle school start time is actually 7:55 AM.  That's the time the students at other MCPS middle school students will be arriving at school. 


  1. the EMS website doesn't reflect this.

    1. If absolutely does and the link is provided above. That's the point of this post, that Eastern Middle School has unilaterally changed Middle School start time and is now calling students who arrive after 7:45 AM tardy.

  2. The magnet buses already arrive around 7:30, right? One wonders how the local bus schedules have been finagled to arrive earlier.... Interesting.

  3. Janis, you're inventing a story again:

    1. Seriously, can you read?
      Thanks for confirming exactly what I posted.

      Is this really that difficult to understand?

      MCPS Middle School starts at 7:55 AM
      Got that?
      EXCEPT at Eastern Middle School where students will be marked TARDY if they don't arrive by 7:45 AM. That means they must be there 10 minutes BEFORE the actual start of all other MCPS middle schools.

    2. Common Core - How to Tell Time


  5. I agree that the links above are confusing. When I click through the links I see that this MS appears to have the "marked as tardy" deadline at 7:45 which I take to be earlier than other middle schools. (The "has changed their start time" link above goes to a PDF saying "arrival in grade level location" is 7:30-7:40 and that breakfast is 7:45 to 7:55 with period 1 starting at 8am. It also has a note saying students who arrive after 7:45am are late.)
    When I read these links it looks to me like Eastern has said the students need to be in the classroom by 7:45 am for breakfast and if they are not the teacher will mark them tardy. If they arrive at school after 7:55 they go to the main office where they are marked tardy - just like other middle schools.
    I don't see anything about a 7:30am start time in the links. I assume 7:30 is when the doors open for the students and when buses start arriving. There is a difference between "school opening" (i.e. adults are in place and ready to begin supervising students) and "school starting" (i.e. the point at which students need to be in place and class starts).
    Is there something different about breakfast at Eastern Middle School? Do all students receive breakfast there and if so, is that not the case at any other middle schools?
    Thank you.

    1. Are you a student or an adult? If students can't understand what these documents say then there is no hope for them once school opens. The link very clearly shows that the arrival time is 7:30 AM.

      If you have a question about other MCPS middle schools, please ask the MCPS public information office. This is really basic information and the links above provided the documentation to support the post.

      Once more, the point is that an individual school CHANGED THE SCHOOL START TIME without budget implications, without workgroups, without BOE approval.

  6. I can't help but wonder if this is someones FUBAR. Why 10 minutes? Any parent out there from the school get a notification of this change and the rationale behind it?


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