Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Breaking: Standing water where "a child could drown" on parking lot of Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring

Open, unlocked pools of standing water on Nix ES parking lot.
Attention Social Justice Warriors:  Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services has now cited the pool on the Roscoe Nix Elementary School parking lot for dangerous conditions that present safety hazards to children at the school. 

The Roscoe Nix Elementary School parking lot abuts a neighborhood pool that has been abandoned for over a year.  The pool property is unlocked and can easily be entered by children.  Inside the property are two pools of standing water.

The Parents' Coalition wrote about this dangerous situation on September 9th.

Would Superintendent Joshua Starr send his children to a school where the parking lot was next to unlocked, abandoned pools of standing water?  Superintendent Joshua Starr wants to drop the terms red zone and green zone.  If that's true, then let's see Superintendent Starr treat Nix Elementary School like it's in the Green Zone! It's time to protect these elementary school children from this dangerous situation.

Note: Access to these pools is only over MCPS parking lots.  The pools do not have a separate entrance.

We ask again:  Would Board members Patricia O'Neill and Shirley Brandman  permit this dangerous condition to exist on the parking lot of any Bethesda elementary school?


  1. This situation is terrible. The County powers grant approvals and then do not monitor the outcome. Community swim clubs going out of business is not new. MoCo should follow-up if there is not an active license for this type of facility. Some situations should not be just "complaint driven." But more alarming, is the fact that MCPS did not take action as this situation degraded over the summer and during the beginning of a new school year. MCPS has blinders on, not wanting to know what is happening in their midst. They don't think that they need to have community citizenship/responsibility outside their front door!

  2. MCPS does not have 'blinders on.' Just the opposite. They see exactly where they stand with the citizens. They do whatever they want, when they want, all with the approval of the voters who vote the incumbents in every election cycle. Same for the council members. They know they can do whatever they want and spend as much money as they want because the electorate will always go along with it.


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